Thursday, October 25, 2012


Speculoos flavored yogurts courtesy of Mamie Nova.

Last weekend we visited Henri's sister, Francoise and her husband, Paul. Before dinner we went to the local grocery store to pick up some food. Henri and I were going around seeing what was new and different from the USA market when we hit the Nutella/peanut butter isle.

Among the usual items we found a new kind of spread called Speculoos. At first I thought it was a foreign name for a nut butter that was commonly spread on cookies. But this spread is actually made from the Dutch or Belgian cookies called Speculoos that are ground up to make a paste.

It appears that Speculoos has taken on a life of many forms. One can find it in not only the original cookie form but it is in the aforementioned spread as well as desserts and even a yogurt flavor. It is sometimes marketed as a vegan spread.

I tried the pictured dessert. It reminds me of butterscotch pudding. Another description would be a caramel flavor with spice that you would taste in a spice cake.

In the USA, the Speculoos cookies are very similar to the Dutch Windmill cookies.


Trader Joe's now has Speculoos. It is with the peanut butter and is called Cookie Butter. They also have chocolate bars with Speculoos filling.....YUM!!! Enjoy!!!


  1. I think Dutch Windmill are the same as Speculoos - just a different brand name in the US. I've really noticed a lot more Speculoos stuff coming onto the market in France including sweets and make your own biscuit mix (which I did!

    Love your blog, just off to read a bit more!


  2. Thanks Janine! How was the biscuit mix? That would be interesting.