Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weather/Le Temps

Weather. It's something we all enjoy when mother nature brings us beautiful, sunny mornings. Unfortunately, we take her for granted and she has to remind us from time to time who is really in charge. Depending on her mood she can offer us a nice sunny day or show her frustration with us mere mortals in her moody thunderstorms. Either way we are at her mercy.

Weather has been an inspiration for many. How we choose to respond is entirely up to us. We can let rainy days and Mondays get us down or we can sing in the rain. Our perspective can make a difference between a "bad day" or a "wet, rainy day". There are many times I must remind myself to pull on the rain gear and enjoy the fun such a day can bring.

Here are a few common terms to get us started:

Weather forecast - la météo

Weather is awful - Il fait un temps affreux

Weather is nice - Il fait beau

Sun - le soleil

Clouds - les nuages

Storm - l'orage

Lightning - les éclairs

Wind - le vent

Hail - la grêle

Rain - la pluie

Snow - la neige

Fog - le brouillard

Quick and Easy Temp Tip

Keep in mind that France is on the metric system. This can be rather confusing for us in the USA. Here are a couple of tips to help you figure an approximate temperature.

0 Celcius = 32 Fahrenheit (freezing)
16 Celcius = 61 Fahrenheit
28 Celcius = 82 Fahrenheit

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