Saturday, February 26, 2011


Indochine is a French band that was pretty popular in the 80s with its poppy new wave tunes heavily influenced by the Orient (in the lyrics, at least). Their biggest hit of that era is called "L'aventurier" which is pretty much all about "Bob Morane", a "bande dessinée" (comic book) hero.

After a few more hits and albums, the band kinda fell (like so many others) into oblivion. Well, until ... what is probably the biggest comeback in French music history. In 2002, Indochine released a new album kinda out of nowhere called "Paradize" which became a huge commercial success. In 2005, "Alice & June", loosely based on "Alice in Wonderland", came out with great anticipation and it was another big success for Indochine. The singer and front man of Indochine is named Nicola Sirkis. His twin brother, Stéphane, was in the band pretty much from the start but he sadly passed away in 1999.

Indochine feat. Melissa Auf Der Maur - Le Grand Secret

Indochine - J'Ai Demandé A La Lune

Indochine - Pink Water

Indochine - L'Aventurier

(French) Indochina refers to the former French colony which consisted of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodge. It remained a French Colony until the lost battle of Dien Ben Phu between the French forces and the Viet Minh. After the French left, Vietnam was split in two countries: the North (communist) and the South (backed by the US).


  1. Great post - exactly the kind of thing you want to know if you want the inside track on France! In fact, perhaps you can offer an explanation of the enduring popularity of Supertramp among the French...?

  2. Supertramp became big in France when they released "Breakfast in America" in early 80s. Before that, there was a bit of a following (they had already released 4 or 5 albums prior) but they were under the radar for the most part. Even when they split in 2, the remaining Supertramp and the other guy's band were successful in France. There are other English speaking bands like that that became really huge in France without being a big success in the US and maybe UK. There's one that comes to my mind, it's Cock Robin. But there are quite a few others. Gotta say that Supertramp was a really good band. Saw them at an open air concert in 82 or 83 at the Parc du Chateau de Sceaux and the thing was packed.