Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crêperie Amann Rik

While in Quimper we were fortunate enough to dine in this little establishment. Amann Rik is just enough of a respectable hole-in-the-wall restaurant where it is comfy and cozy with a touch of exotic shabbiness but without the ewwww factor that can taint such places.

The menu is all about crêpes in many different varieties. Be careful when ordering and start off light because the idea here is to eat course after course of different crêpes. Once you finish one course the server will hand you the menu again for you to order your next course. It is up to you to tell her when you are finished.

I started with a rather plain crêpe with just a little butter and sugar. Then graduated on to my next one with an egg and some ham. Finally, for desert, I had a crêpe with bananas and drizzled with chocolate...yum! Throughout the meal we enjoyed a few bottles of cider. A coffee or herbal tea to digest and then on our way to visit and explore Quimper.

Crêperie Amann Rik
11 rue Elie Fréron
29000 Quimper
Tél. 02 98 95 17 29

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