Friday, January 21, 2011


If you are interested in ceramics or faience, I strongly suggest you visit Quimper while in the Brittany region of France. Quimper (or in the Breton language Kemper) is the most traditional region of Brittany in their proud display of their Celtic and Breton heritage.

There are three things you want to pay attention to in Quimper: the oldest Gothic structure in lower Brittany, Cathedrale de Saint-Coretin; the best crepes and cider and the HB Henriot faience factory. Francoise, Pierre, Henri et moi had the pleasure of a guided workshop tour in which we were able to see all phases of faience production. This, of course, ended in their shop where we could browse and take a piece or two home with us (which we did). If you do go here, allow 1 hour for the tour. It is well worth it. For more informations go to: HB Henriot

HINT: In the shop there is an area where you can purchase mismatched pieces or seconds. These are pieces that did not quite meet their quality standards but are still nice all the same. I purchased the Noel plate in this area and for the life of me cannot figure out what made it a "second". They also make and sell jewelry.


  1. I have acquired some vintage stoneware plates from France and was wondering if anyone could help me identify them; they are unmarked. If someone is willing, I will post pics. Thanks

  2. Without a mark, it will be very difficult to identify. HB Henriot do mark all their work. I would suggest that you just research French stoneware. Maybe go into which will bring you into the French version of yahoo.
    Good Luck!