Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PastaPaPa Restaurant

If you happen to be in Paris and are a picky eater or have picky eaters with you, I suggest you check out Pasta PaPa. This place is popular for lunch (déjeuner) with the locals. As you guessed it, it is a pasta and pizza place. It is easy to read their menu because with a little knowledge of French and the pictures of the different shapes of pasta you can feel comfortable knowing you ordered something you will like. I think they even may have bilingual French/English menus. There are seven locations throughout Paris, each identified by their Métro stop. We go to the one by Galleries Lafayette near the Opéra Métro.

Pâtes - Pasta
Sauce Bolognaise - Crumbled meat sauce
Des pâtes à la sauce tomate. - Pasta with tomato sauce.

For more information click here: PastaPaPa

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