Saturday, January 8, 2011

La Cave -The Cellar

Just as caves are the bowels of the earth; so are the cellars the bowels of our homes. This is where the machinery that makes our buildings function are secreted away in the low, dark recesses.

The furnace sitting next to the hot water heater hidden in one corner but not too far from the laundry room with the washer and dryer. The network of pipes and electrical wires are readily apparent above holding it all together with the beams and joists.

Another section of la cave is finished off to hold an extra refrigerator or freezer, pots, appliances and shelves that serve as an extra pantry. Perhaps we are fortunate to have room for a nice little home office, exercise room or family room just enough to give les caves some respect.

And, oh...the all important area to store our wines. Whether we are lucky enough to afford the fine wines from France and around the world or we just want to store our local "Three Buck Chuck".

Note: The French word cave is considered a "false friend" (Faux Ami). It does not literally mean cave as we would say in English.

The ping-pong table is in the cellar. La table de ping-pong est à la cave.
I'm going down to the cellar. Je descends à la cave.
Wine Cellar: Cave à vins

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