Saturday, January 15, 2011

Concarneau/Konk Kerne

Recently, while visiting Henri's family in France we had the opportunity to visit Concarneau in Brittany on D783 southeast of Quimper. This third largest fishing port in France is made up of two districts: the modern town on the mainland and a 14th century Medieval fortified town on an island connected to the mainland by a drawbridge or a ferry boat.

The island town is devoted to tourism but not in an obnoxious way that takes away from the idea that this is a town. There are lots of little shops and restaurants as well as the ramparts that encircle the town. We strongly suggest walking the ramparts as they are free and offer some lovely views and visit the Fishing Museum (there is a fee for the museum).

The last Sunday in August is the Fête de Filets Bleus and although we were not there at that time, I understand that it is quite the thing to attend.


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