Thursday, February 3, 2011

Château d'Ivry-la-Bataille

This is for the more adventurous at heart. To get to the ruins of the château you must walk for a while up a very steep but wide path. I am not the fittest of people but took my time and made it up there. It was well worth the trouble.

Once there you can walk around the ruins. Do be careful because if you slip or fall the tant pis pour vous (too bad for you) rule applies. It is your responsibility to watch your step and watch any children and animals you may have with you. Also, we noticed that teenagers like to hang out here. They seemed to be school kids and not up to any trouble.

This area, as well as most of Normandy, saw a lot of action during both the French and English occupations. The original ruins date from 960 and this makes it the oldest medieval construction in Normandy. This castle passed back and forth into French and English possession until March 14, 1590 when the Huguenots (Protestants) under the French King Henri IV defeated the Catholics under the Duke of Mayenne.

The view of the town and the Eure River are amazing and you can see why this was a great strategic place to put this fortress.

Château d'Ivry-la-Bataille

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