Saturday, January 8, 2011

La Grotte ou La Caverne -The Cave

The words Grottoes and Caverns seem much more mysterious and romantic than the word cave. When I think of these words I see in my mind's eye a lacy entrance of flowers and vegetation hanging down concealing an opening into the the earth. Someplace inviting, beautiful with pools of water and maybe even a waterfall (cascade). A refuge to hide oneself and contemplate the beauty that surrounds us and feel grateful and appreciate the beauty of our own lives.

No matter what we are experiencing in our lives right now, we all have the beautiful grottoes and caverns within to run to and feel safe, secure in the knowledge that tomorrow is another day and all things settle themselves in the end.

des grottes préhistoriques: prehistoric caves
souterrain ou caverne: cavern
homme des cavernes: caveman
spéléologue: caver, spelunker

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