Sunday, January 9, 2011

Café Ou Thé?

The eternal question. I have learned that this question is universal. For breakfast, do you need the caffeine to wake up? I certainly do. Although tea and green tea in particular have enough caffeine to do the job. For me, I need the earthy warmth and savory richness of my coffee with some creamer to get my day started or I just don't feel right. Tea is reserved for the rest of the day as a pick-me-up to keep me going.

Café Noir ou Nature - Black Coffee
Café Décaféineé - Decaffinated
Café Crème - Coffee with Milk
Café au Lait - Steamed milk with coffee
Thé - tea
Thé Nature - Plain tea
Tisane - Herbal tea
Infusion - Steeping of herbs (mint, chamamile)
Prendre un petit café - Coffee Break

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