Friday, April 30, 2010

Classic Parisian Makeup Look

Here is a classic Parisian makeup look:

1. Concealer around eyes and to blur imperfections

2. Foundation usually used in the evening or if you need more coverage

3. Neutral eyeshadow (beige, taupe) Gold for evening

4. Eyeliner - Black on top lashes, brown on bottom

5. Black Mascara on top lashes only

6. Red Lips usually applied as a light stain for day, a bit creamier for evening

7. Favorite fragrance


  1. Interesting take on the Parisian look.

    I take it you've been living in Paris for some time?

  2. I have not lived there, but visit nearby regularly as I have family in France. The above look is meant to be a basic guideline. Of course, each individual does as they wish and can vary it to their own taste and mood. The "less is more attitude" is considered more sophisticated and emphasis is more on skincare so one does not feel to need to cover up with makeup.